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Thank you for volunteering to become an active tech translator for the Wikimedia movement!

Go ahead and add yourself to the table for the following linguistic communities![1] It can be edited with the visual editor. Please add the page to your watchlist, so you'll be aware of any conversations happening in the talk page :)

Language Translator name here Translator name here Other translators
1 AR Haytham abulela Abdullah Rija Al-Akidi PediAki, Sandra Hanbo, MRidhaAJ,

أيوب, Osama Eid

2 CA
3 CS Matěj Suchánek KPX8
4 DE Sven792 Killarnee sietec
5 EL*
6 ES lsanabria wa17gs Naturista2018, ZealousBlaze, Daniellop1, Osama Eid
7 FA Ladsgroup
8 FI Stryn
9 FR Wladek92 psychoslave Eihel
10 HE Yona b. Amad
11 HU Tgr
12 IT Samuele2002 Mannivu
13 JA ネイ Misato Kano
14 KO User:이야기꾼
15 NL Sjoerddebruin
16 PL Wargo Tar Lócesilion
17 PT Manuela Silva Tuga1143 Dioluisf
18 PT-BR Contraexemplo Juan90264 Ederporto
19 RU Kaganer Emperoringo
20 SV Dan Koehl SarahLindeau
21 TR HakanIST
22 UK
23 ZH Liuxinyu970226 Shizhao Viztor, 86legs, EpicPupper
24 AF Joris Darlington Quarshie Kaapwa1
25 LT Emperoringo

*EL (chosen because it has big Wiktionary)

** one active linguistic community working and coordinating itself on Commons - please suggest which one

*** one active linguistic community working and coordinating itself on Wikidata - please suggest which one

Other languages


Please do not change the languages in the table above. You are welcome to add yourself and your other languages to the table below, and to expand it when necessary.

Language Translator name here Translator name here Other translators
AZ Osama Eid
BN NahidSultan Aishik Rehman, Jhalmuri MD Abu Siyam, R4356th
EO psychoslave
TA Kaartic Arun
YO Jamie Tubers T Cells
SD JogiAsad Mehtab Ahmed
HT Kitanago
MNI Awangba Mangang Haoreima
HA The living love Hamxo Anasskoko Bello Na'im
TH Tris T7 Patsagorn Y.
LO Audone's Audone Simmavong. Wikipedia
SR Zoranzoki21
AF Joris Darlington Quarshie Kaapwa1
ML Vis M Path slopu
UR Hulged
VI Mạnh An
TV Tyôpenda
EN-CA EpicPupper
EN-AK User:Ohvet
ID-MAD User:Cak Noer D.
EN-ID User: Sphiera
DAG Alhassan Mohammed Awal
IG Akwugo Timzy D'Great Olugold
GPE DaSupremo
FF Ardibe Ardake

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  1. This table is provided by the Community Liaisons. Its targets are "communities from the top 25 projects" (by very active editors, in March 2017. It was tweaked to include selected sister projects' usergroups). We may start tracking some of the efforts of volunteers listed in the first table (per our annual program goals) at some point. The tables will be reviewed and expanded during the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year!