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This page is a translated version of the page Template:AdminWelcome and the translation is 67% complete.


恭喜AdminWelcome!,您已在元维基拥有管理员权限。在您准备开始旅行管理员的职责前,请花一些时间再阅读一遍管理员方针,并添加一些页面进入您的监视列表(特别是Meta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucratMeta:Requests for deletion)。请同时留意方针和指引索引本地讨论区Please note that while most actions done with administrator tools can be reversed by other administrators, some such as history merges or imports are not, or can only be undone in full or in part after a great amount of work, therefore you shall be extra careful when performing these type of actions. If you use IRC feel free to join the #wikimedia-meta连接 channel. You may also find our administrators' handbook useful for your day to day. Please check or add your entry to the list of administrators as well. Administrators are also allowed to subscribe to the metawiki-admins private mailing list. Subscription instructions can be found in the mailing list main page. Feel free to ask me any other administrator if you ever have any doubts or questions about the tools. Sincerely,~~


This template can be used to congratulate a recently elected administrator.

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