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Fundraising 2011
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Navbox for the Wikimedia Fundraising 2011. Can be left aligned with {{Fundraising 2011|left}} or {{Fundraising 2011|align=left}}.

To translate[edit]

Copy the following and paste it at "Template:Fundraising 2011/code", then translate the words to the right of "=", with the exception of lang = qqq (replace qqq with language code).
{{Fundraising 2011
|lang                     = qqq
|title                    = Fundraising 2011
|intro                    = Introduction
|testing                  = Message, Testing & Strategy 
|updates                  = Updates
|testbanner               = Banner testing
|bannerstats              = Live Banner Stats
|getinvolved              = Get Involved
|socialmedia              = Social Media
|wmf-fundstat             = FundraiserStatistics
|wmf-contribstat          = ContributionStatistics
<!-- links; only change if the source exists -->
|intro-url                = Fundraising_2011
|socialmedia-url          = Fundraising 2011/Social Media 
|research-url             = Fundraising 2011/Research
|messages-url             = Fundraising 2011/Messages
|mailinglist-url          = Mailing lists/Fundraising
|survey-url               = Fundraising 2011/Survey
|techtest-url             = Fundraising 2011/Tech testing
|testsced-url             = Fundraising 2011/Test schedule
|openissues-url           = Fundraising 2011/Open issues
|wmf-support-url          = wmf:Support Wikipedia/en
|wmf-comments-url         = wmf:Special:ContributionHistory/en
|wmf-fundstat-url         = wmf:Special:FundraiserStatistics
|wmf-contribstat-url      = wmf:Special:ContributionStatistics
|wmf-contribtrackstat-url = wmf:Special:ContributionTrackingStatistics

<!-- if you want to localise your template -->
|thisbox  = This box
|view     = view
|talk     = talk
|edit     = edit

--><noinclude>[[Category:Fundraising 2011 administration]]</noinclude>