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The Wikinewsie Group News

There is less to report, as the group spent time focusing on behind-the-scenes aspects of obtaining thematic organization recognition.

Aff-Comm application status updates
Education and GLAM
Technical updates
  • Pi zero has moved to a new phase in the development of an improved reviewing tool for English Wikinews.
  • Gryllida is working on the development of a tool to make translating material from one project to another easier. The new beta wmtrans translation tool here, which you can use to translate Wikipedia and Wikinews articles from one language to another. Its difference from the Meta translation tools is include the the ability to translate an article as a whole, per-paragraph, and add new paragraphs if desired; a dictionary box for you to look up geographical names without loading entire Wikipedia pages; and whole-page translation philosophy instead of translating by parts. The tool also features a multilingual interface; you can add new sections to data.ini to add your own. You are encouraged to send them, and bug reports, to Gryllida.
  • Discussions have been going on behind the scenes about the potential for The Wikinewsie Group to support the technical aspects for Wikinews project development following suggestions on Wikimedia-l that this would be a place chapters could demonstrate leadership potential and work with the Foundation. There are currently a number of developers active in the Wikinews community.
  • Given feedback by a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Board (Samuel Klien) that the English language project should consider content import from other free news sources as a way of increasing community participation, content output and traffic, research was done inside the community using another language project as a baseline to determine the potential impact in terms of achieving those goals. A copy of this research can be found at Research:Wikinews Content Import Analysis. In a nutshell, the findings are: content import did not result in increased community output or increased community size. Content import also resulted in fewer page views per published article. Content import was not successful at achieving a positive community or traffic related impact.
  • A tiny piece of research done examining relative article popularity by year on English Wikinews can found at Article rank and article date. More in-depth research along these lines may produce interesting results.
Across the languages
  • Over on Italian Wikinews on July 25, they hit 30,000 total pages.
  • English Wikinews completed elections for their Arbitration Committee. Brian McNeil, Pi zero, Mikemoral, LauraHale, RockerballAustralia, and William S. Saturn were elected to the one year position.
Content work
Other news
  • Two members of the The Wikinewsie Group provisional board attend the IRC meeting on July 26 for the Program Evaluation and Design as the board begins to think about and conducts its own evaluation of efforts to increase content and increase community participation. They observed the August 1 metrics meeting.

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Wikinews Original Reporting

The following is a list of all original reporting done on Wikinews projects from June 1, 2013 to July 31, 2013.

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See also: Reportage original, Article publié. The wiki uses a category for the publish process.
See also: Notizia originale, Pubblicati. The wiki uses a category for the publish process.
See also: 原创报导, 已发布. The wiki uses a category for the publish process.
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