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The Wikipedia Library
Books & Bytes
Issue 32, January–February 2019

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In this issue we highlight #1Lib1Ref, new and expanded partnerships, global developments and, as always, a roundup of news and community items related to libraries and digital knowledge.


This was the fourth year of #1Lib1Ref, an annual effort to get everyone to add at least one citation to Wikipedia. Though literally representing "One Librarian, One Reference", #1Lib1Ref has grown to include academics, researchers, and other volunteers interested in improving the reliability of Wikipedia. Running from 15 January to 5 February, this year's campaign included a number of local programs, such as a pan-Canadian competition and other events around the world. The final tally was 10,877 edits in 47 languages, including first-place French Wikipedia. According to the entries on the Outreach Dashboard, 708 editors on 6,110 articles added 1.32 million words.

If you haven't yet filled out the feedback form, we encourage you to share your stories, successes and pain points to help us run a better campaign in the future. Watch out for the next campaign from 15 May to 5 June 2019.

الشركاء الجدد

The Wikipedia Library is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kinige, a provider of ebooks in the Telugu language. The Gale partnership has also expanded, offering places to 100 more editors and adding the digital archive of The Times to its offerings. Sign up for these and other resources on the Library Card Platform.

Wikimedia and Libraries User Group

The Wikimedia and Libraries User Group are currently electing their steering committee for a one-year tenure. The committee, once elected, will replace the previous committee nearing the end of their one-year tenure, continuing to make decisions and guide the group towards bringing into effect the strategic plans.

Voting will remain open until 28 February and members joining the group by the 28th are eligible to vote. Results will be announced in a week once the polling is completed.

The Wikipedia Library team is grateful for the outgoing steering committee's service and dedication to the user group.


Our global community showed a great zeal of energy towards the 2019 #1lib1ref, which reflected in the stellar results for the campaign this year. All this wouldn't have been possible without a host of community leaders and experienced organizers of the campaign. We called this group the Global Team; they provided support before, during and after the campaign, in the form of input and direction, on-boarding new communities and amplifying the campaign.

Thanks to all members of the Global Team for their contributions towards the campaign!

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