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Share sources:
Ask other editors for sources you need and share sources you have

How it works[edit]

The Wikipedia Library wants to help editors help each other with research. A way to do that is to set up a source sharing or resource exchange page on your local Wikipedia. Editors request access to a specific source and other editors give them access to it.

Any project can set up their own source sharing page. We think it helps to have a local coordinator to work with us (and set up a local library branch if one doesn't yet exist). Then we set up a Source Sharing page using the kit.

There are lots of ways to help other editors do research when they need a source.

  • Show them how to get access
  • Look something up for them in the source
  • Send them a copy of a few pages
  • Upload a copy to a file-sharing service
  • Email them a link to the full document
  • Send them a book through the mail

Coordinators then update the source sharing page and archive filled or stale requests.

Sharing access to a source should be for the educational, non-commercial, fair use purpose of improving Wikipedia articles. Editors who share access do so at their own risk, and take responsibility for respecting the copyright of the source. Sharing private information with other editors about your real name, email address, or shipping address is done at your own risk.

Contact a Wikipedia Library representative to set up source sharing in your community