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Accounts with Active Projects

Type Name Description Creator
Wiki design Markthrough Do you ever get annoyed that you have to keep writing HTML headers and footers for your website, when you'd really rather just put a bit of content up quickly? User:River
Installation Rosary Installs packages from the Solaris distribution CD. It provides a "search" function to locate packages, and automatically runs pkgadd to install the package and its dependencies. User:River
Research Wiki Research Bibliography A bibliography of scientific literature about Wikis User:voj (German Wikipedia)
Research Personendaten search engine for biographic articles in the German Wikipedia User:voj (German Wikipedia)
Research Literatursuche mit Normdaten meta search engine for literature of people specified by PND-Numbers (beta) User:voj (German Wikipedia)
Categories CoCat list co-occurences of categories User:voj (German Wikipedia)
Vandalism AntiVandalBot User:Tawker
Images CheckUsage[1] Find out where an image from the Commons is used on Mediawiki projects. User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools
Images CommonSense [2] try to guess into which category on Wikimedia Commons an image belongs. User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools
Images Gallery [3] Image gallery, optionally filtered or grouped by user. Shows usage and tagging status. Also supplies an RSS feed of recent uploads. User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools
Images UntaggedImages [4] list untagged images, optionally filtered or grouped by user. User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools
Images User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools
Images OrphanImages [5] list orphan images, optionally filtered or grouped by user (wikicommons only). User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools
Images CommonsClash [6] List local images that "shadow" an image on the commons. Also shows if the local copy is identical. User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools
Images CatScan [7] In image mode, this lists all images contained or used in a given category and its subcategories. User:Duesentrieb tools User:Duesentrieb/Tools

More (needs to be added to table)

  • http://tools.wikimedia.de/~geonick/
    • Point Of Interest database called WikiPoint. Will contain mainly coordinate(s), titles and categories of dewiki articles. Parses template 'Koordinate...'. Later it could also look for infoboxes with coordinates. Possible uses are Google Earth KML output or geographical names search. PHP; utilizes geospatial index of mysql.

Inactive Accounts, nonworking tools


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