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Purpose of this module[edit]

The Wikimedia Movement has had in-person events as part of its core since its early days. Meeting others in the movement can be fun, rewarding, and important.

Real-life meetups and conferences can be very productive ways to bring contributors together; however, they can also provide opportunities for conflict, unwanted contact, privacy violations, or other forms of harassment.

  • This module is intended to help prepare event organizers to handle challenges around allegations of harassment and abusive behavior at events they host, organize, or attend.
  • It can be useful for event participants as it contains basic advice on how to deal with harassment, should they experience harassment during in-person events.
  • Additionally, it will help prepare contributors to host successful events by introducing best practices for preventing and handling problematic situations at events.

This module promotes full adherence to several behavioral standards and policies, such as the Friendly Space policies, the Code of Conduct and the Event ban policy.