Translating Ibero-America 2017

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Translating Ibero-America 2017
2nd edition. June 1 - June 30, 2017

Welcome to the Wikipedia writing contest around Ibero-American culture!

Here are the winners.
User name Points Ranking
Tuanminh01 18 points
DannyHerrera98 260
პაატა შ 196
Armineaghayan 642 3rd position
פוילישער 13
Dominik 503
Satnam S Virdi 86
Culex 8
Vanbasten_23 6
Nicolas Eynaud 119
Ezarate 5
MarisaLR 678 2nd position
S7w4j9 38
Suvray 1787 1st position
DirkVE 97
Liridon 140
Asturio Cantabrio 56
Moheen Reeyad 5
MAlmeida 3
S Shamima Nasrin 35

What: This is a public writing competition around Ibero-American culture. The goal of this second edition is to improve and translate this list of topics related with Ibero-American illustrious figures. Ibero-American culture and history is very rich. Through this contest, we want to expand by adding in different languages as much as possible new articles in Wikipedia regarding the culture and history heritage from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. This initiative is part of the Iberocoop network. Winners will get Prizes and Barnstars.

When: The writing challenge will run from 00:01 June 1 until 23:59 June 30 2017 (CET UTC+01:00).

How: The contest is simple in structure, based on a KISS point system: You get points while improving articles, with the goal for each participant to gain as many points as possible.

Who: Everybody can help in any language to collaborate on writing and/or translating articles related to Ibero-America culture. Any Wikipedian with a named account (on any wiki) can participate. To participate you just need to sign up on the Participants Participants.

Why: The contest is organized and led by Iberocoop: One of our main goals is to make available all knowledge about Ibero-American culture in every language. This project is one of our international steps.

Credits: This challenge is organized by Iberocoop. This is an open challenge. If your organization or institution also wants to collaborate with this contest, please contact us.

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