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  • Ward - PD (by colleage of Ward's)


  • Newspapers.jpg - PD, Silvester Chua. (original)
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Page 1[edit]

  1. Staff : make sure to use the latest list of contributors.
  2. Email : use "(at)" instead of "@" in the email address.
  3. Introduction : Some textual changes; particularly paragrapsh 2 & 3, and "especially" the translators in the final paragraph.
  4. Table of Contents : check this again; a few small changes.
  5. Cover : make sure you link to the real cover, and credit J-C Chazalette.

Page 2[edit]

Page 3[edit]

  1. Names : introduce Anthere as (Anthere) after the first instance of her full name; refer to her as Anthere (not Florence) thereafter.
  2. Admin Report : review this entire section; many small changes.
  3. Other events : (under Wikipedian meetings during the summer) retranslate the BBC-event section; make sure it has the right date (Aug 31).

Page 4[edit]

Page 5[edit]

  1. retranslate the introductory paragraph.

Page 6[edit]

Page 7[edit]

  1. make sure the images are the right size (550px for the banners) and have appropriate alt text and captions.
  2. make sure you include a transliteration of the arabic names (Isam, Abu)

Page 8[edit]

  1. Check latest updates to the calendar.

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