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Translation requests/WMF/News-en

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Pledge of translators


not needed to translate

We editors shall:

  • pursue the highest level correctness on our works always. Yes, we would like to do the best always! We are however always aware that translators are traitors; we can happen to mistake...... We shall therefore not hesitate to ask others to proofread our version.
  • synch this page and the equivalent on the foundation wiki as quick as possible, if we update one of them. It will help our fellow translators here on meta, avoiding work duplication.
  • leave red links unless they apparently led to pages in particular Wikimedia projects, e.g. Wikipedia. Why? This page was imported from the foundation wiki and later will be exported there again. Still some news may have been copied/pasted here from other projects, so we'll try to find a proper interwiki to apply if so. Then the current red links will work as links to other foundation wiki pages there ... hopefully. It will help foundation wiki editors and the global audience who are waiting for getting your translation!

Procedures of News translation


If you would like to translate the whole content of this page,

  1. Go to your workspace, maybe Translation requests/WMF/News-xx (xx = your language code).
  2. blank the current content.
  3. put a line {{subst:news-en}} and save.
  4. Let's translate it!
  5. upload it to the site or request for uploading on TR/WMF.
  6. Done. Thank you!

Please translate news on the below!