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name pronounced as first name last name checked
Sue Gardner Canadian/British English Sue is a common English name: short for Susan. [suː] Gardner is a common English name. [gɑːrdnər] self-checked
Erik Möller German or English Erik as Eric of Eric Clapton [ɛrik] oe as ea in heard, ller as in storyteller [ˈmœlɐ] self-checked
Rob Halsell American English Rob is a common English name. [rɑb] Hal as hall, sell as sell [hɔːlsel]
Tim Starling American English Tim is a common English name. [tim] Star as star, ling as in darling [stɑːliŋ] (or [stɑːrliŋ] in rhotic accents) self-checked
Mark Bergsma American English Mark as mark [mɑːrk] Berg as in iceberg, s as in closing, a is weak vowel schwa [bəːrgzmə]
Tomasz Finc Polish Tomasz [tʰomɑʃ] is a common Polish name which can be shortened to Tomek [tʰomɛk] [Fiːnts] self-checked
Michael Dale American English Michael is a common English name [ˈmaɪkəl] Dale exactly as in dale [deɪl] Checked by Cary Bass
Ariel Glenn Greek or English [a.ɾi.ˈɛl] (el), [ˈɛəɹ.i.əl] (en) [ɡlɛn] self-checked
Erik Zachte Dutch both 'E' and 'i' as 'i' in 'Skin' [irik] (stress on first syllable) Z as in Zoo, a as in 'star', 'ch' as in 'loch', 'te' as 'tu' in 'turn' [zaxtʌ] (stress on first syllable) self-checked
Ryan Kaldari American English Ryan is a common English name /ɹɑjn/ like "California Ferrari" /kæl 'dɑ ɹi/
Rob Lanphier American English Rob is a common English name. [rɑb] LAN-fear - Americanized pronunciation, and might have originally been spelled "Lanphear" anyway self-checked
Arthur Richards
Brandon Harris American English Brandon is a common English name Like "Ferris" as in the wheel. Self-checked
Trevor Parscal American English Trevor is a common English name [trɛvɔr] Parscal is a corruption of the common French name Pascal [pæskæl] and is properly pronounced as if the R were not present, as it was artificially added sometime in the mid 19th century self-checked
Guillaume Paumier French Guillaume /ɡiʝom/, French for William Paumier, as in pommier /pɔ.mje/ self-checked
Howie Fung
Zack Exley
Megan Hernandez
Frank Schulenburg Deutsch [fʀaŋk] [ˈʃuːlənˌbuɐ̯k], from the Middle Low German expression "te der sculenden borch", i.e. "at the hidden castle". German "Burg" = castle, not to be mistaken with "Berg" = mountain self-checked
Philippe Beaudette French Canadian Philippe is a common french name: Phil-eep Beaudette as in boe-det self-checked
Rod Dunican
Global Development
Jay Walsh American English Jay as letter J [ʤei] Wal as in Walmart, sh as in she. [wɔlʃ] self-checked
Kul Takanao Wadhwa Sanskrit/Japanese/Punjabi Kul pronounced like the word "cool"/ ta-ka-na-o wadh as wad in wad of cash and wa as wa in water. [wɑdwɑ] self-checked
Finance and Administration
Jeff Jones
Human Resources
Public Policy Initiative
LiAnna Davis American English pronounced Lee-Ann-Uh [liːænnɑː] "Davis" is a common English surname: DAY-vis. [deɪvɪs] self-checked
Sage Ross American English "Sage" as in "Sagebrush" "Ross" rhymes with "Cross"

Note: common English names means ones easily found in handy dictionaries.


If you need a reference for how to construct your IPA tag the Wikipedia IPA for English help page will be useful.