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Wikimania is an annual international conference of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikimania is both a scientific conference and a community event, bringing together the various Wikimedia projects. It is an opportunity for the communities involved in creating Wikimedia content to meet each other, exchange ideas, and report on research and projects, as well as a chance for them and the general public to meet and interact. Wikimania provides an opportunity to meet and talk with people at the forefront of the Wikimedia communities and MediaWiki software development.

As well as being a forum for research and ideas about the Wikimedia Foundation projects, Wikimania brings together those interested in free and open source software, free knowledge initiatives, and other wiki projects worldwide. Wikimania serves as a venue for people across fields, including software and hardware development, library and information science, knowledge management, journalism, law, policy, and education to share ideas about the future of free knowledge and open-source content projects.

Wikimania 2007


Wikimania 2007 was held in Taipei from August 3 to 5 in this year. Please visit wikimania2007.wikimedia.org for more information.

Wikimania 2006


Wikimania 2006 was held from August 4 through August 6th in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the Harvard Law School campus. Around 470 people attended. Cambridge is located in the greater Boston area. There are a wealth of recreational activities and cultural and historical sites nearby and several optional field trips were offered alongside the conference.

Please visit wikimania2006.wikimedia.org for more information.

Wikimania 2005


The first Wikimania, Wikimania 2005, was held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was an international success, with 380 participants from over 50 countries attending. The 2005 site is archived on the Meta-Wiki, and its online proceedings can be found here.

The conference was sponsored by Answers.com, a free online reference service and Socialtext Inc., a producer of software for social collaboration. The German Library Association is an official supporter of Wikimania. The conference also received support by the OSI Foundation.

For more information


For more information, email wikimania-info <<at>> wikimedia.org.

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