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Universal Code of Conduct, for multi-lingual users among Japanese community[edit]

This is a request for comment concerning what you have discovered enrolling Japanese language communities among Wikimedia projects. The essence of the page content is identical to that of the page in Japanese language, so please share us your input on either page. You are requested to share your answers to those questions on talk page.

Together we have imagined a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Every single person in the Wikimedia movement is committed to this vision. The journey towards this enormous goal is difficult.

While we have always adhered to high standards of content policies on our projects, we have often struggled around maintaining civility. There have been numerous incidents where our contributors have faced abuse, harassment, or suffered from uncivil behaviours of others. Because of such an unfriendly atmosphere, many users have stopped contributing to Wikimedia projects, and thus, we have missed out on important knowledge. One of the many reasons for this has been a lack of behavioural guidelines in many of our projects.

Universal Code of Conduct aims to cover such gaps. The idea behind Universal Code of Conduct is to harmonize the already existing behavioural guidelines on various projects and collectively create a standard set of behavioural policies that are going to be binding throughout the movement. These will be equally applicable to all the projects, all the community members, and all the staff members. The UCoC project is an outcome of the Movement Strategy Recommendations, with support from the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.

The project highly depends on ideas and feedback from the community. We understand that it is extremely difficult to have a ‘universal’ set of values that are representative of all the cultures and communities, however, it is definitely possible to come up with a basic set of guidelines that can ensure that we have a safe space for everyone to be able to contribute.

This is your chance to influence the language and content of the code of conduct and contribute to leading the movement to become a harassment-free space. More information on UCoC is available here. We might paraphrase your comments and post as survey results, by deleting information related to your identity respecting your privacy.

Your input is asked for:[edit]

  1. What are the major challenges that your community is facing with respect to behavioural issues in the projects?
  2. How do they usually resolve those issues? Have the policies been useful?
  3. How do they feel about having a universal code of conduct?
  4. What are their major concerns?
  5. Things that your community wants to see in a Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC).
  6. Things that your community does not want to see in a UCoC.

Please answer on the talk page.

Further readings[edit]

  1. As of January 2020: Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Recommendations
  2. As of January 2020: a handly list of thirteen (13) Recommendations, pdf on Commons.
Please note; above referrals are not included as the subject of the support from the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.