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Idea by User:Base/Testament.

You know, Memento mori. Nobody knows the date and time of their death, which is unfortunate but it's a matter of fact.

Being explicit means it's less sensitive, but this is about my preferences, right?

What I would not like to see in the heaven (or your favorite place after death (including nowhere)):

  • No {{Deceased}}. Templates are beautiful, big, explicit, but no thanks. People don't look at the texts, just big images.
  • Do not write all the nice words on my talk pages. I'm sure there are about as many Wikimedians who hate me as those who like me. Perhaps the former prevail, and they'll just leave "good words" after I die, pretending as if they had no grudge on me. Eww. If you have something to say, do it now, while I am sure to be able to read it, and (maybe) improve myself. That'll be nice to you as well, isn't it?
  • Do not leave my user rights on. Only leave "implicit user rights" (remove every user rights you can see at Special:UserRights). Those are technical flags entailing responsibilities, not a medal like... North Koreans. Well, Stewards and CUOSes must be removed for security stuff anyways.
  • Please lock my main account (this one) and my other accounts. That is sulutil:Revibot, I, II, III, IV, Gisado. Also includes Wikitech accounts and Phabricator account.
  • Do not write something about my death. In other words, don't spread words about my death beyond some reasonable social circles. Those who want to remember me will do so whether or not there is written articles. Maybe you will stumble upon my old comment somewhere in the archive, and remember me. I do not want any brand new posthumous fans. (If you are like me and want everything to be clear-cut, 'reasonable social circles' includes 'no public mailing list announcing my death', 'no Facebook Public Group post about my death', 'listings on deceased/missing wikipedian list'.)
  • If you have to write about me somewhere or talk about me despite the note above, for whatever reason, do not observe that stupid "good things only or nothing" rule. If you think I am a stubborn bullshit, my death must not shut you up.

What would be nice to do:

  • Please indicate that I am no longer able to respond to the messages, via User talk:-revi/Editnotice, User:-revi/Email(User:-revi/Emailnotice).
  • You may change my user page slightly to tweak the grammar to the past tense and such. Any change that is made to keep the rendered page as is (like when markup language syntax changes) is also fine.
    • Otherwise please leave the text as is, and maybe protection downgraded to semiprotect to let users in below list edit.
  • There are Wikimedians whom I trust a lot. They may do more drastic changes, like redesign the pages, they would infer what I would think well. (But please, no template.) This list is not final until I die. (People listed here are notified of this and will provide proof should someone wants confirmation after I die. (Or you may already know)) The last one is most trusted. 11669046, 8845, 10180704.