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This month in GLAM[edit]

Agreement with APSID-CI[edit]

Some months ago, a discussion was started between Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire (WCUG-CI) and APSID-CI the local association of Information science professionals and librarians. On November 10, 2017 an agreement was officially signed WCUG-CI and this local institution. The terms include core activities that gravitate around some main areas: Awareness raising on Wikipedia and its sister projects, digitization of document sets, content editing activities (eg: 1Libref1Ref campaign)

Teaching 10 librarians how to edit Wikipedia[edit]

Intro to Wikipedia and Wikimedia movement

On Friday November 24, 2017, a training session was held with 11 librarians and documentalists. Volunteer Wikimedians from Wikimedia Côte d'Ivoire helped librarians make their first edits to Wikipedia. It is important to note that the participants were mainly proposed by the APSID-CI, a local partner that WCUG-CI officially partnered with few days ago, as mentioned above.

The session included a brief introduction to the Wikipedia and to the Wikimedia movement as a whole. The introduction was followed by a more practical step during which participants created their Wikipedia account and made their first edits. Shortly after they were asked to add at least one reference to a set of Wikipedia articles that lacked notable references.

Edits statistics are available via Quarry: and all pictures on Commons at Category:Workshop with GLAM_partner (APSID-CI) on november 24, 2017

Preparing #1Lib1Ref 2018[edit]

Last year, the #1Lib1Ref was fruitful experience that allowed 7 librarians to have a different perception of Wikipedia and its sister projects. This year, thanks to the collaboration with APSID-CI, around 30 librarians and documentalists are expected. A rapid grant request has been made, you are encourage to endorse it here.

WikiData preparation[edit]

(demonstration of embedding arbitrary data from Wikidata)

Since Abidjan is item Q1515 in Wikidata, and since "population" is property P1082 in Wikidata, I can tell you that, according to Wikidata, the population of Abidjan is 4,980,000.

That number in bold up there was produced with the following wikicode: {{#property:P1082|from=Q1515}}.

(see the page source to see how all the embeddings were done.)

Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire (WCUG-CI)[edit]

  1. Annual report 2016
  2. Report 15th January 2015 / Final version
  3. Resolution n°2015/01 concerning the adoption annual report 2014 / Final version
  4. Resolution n°2015/02 concerning the official name of User Group of ivorian wikimedians / Final version
  5. Resolution n°2015/03 concerning the Constituent General Assembly of Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d’Ivoire / Final version
  6. Recommendation n°2015/01 concerning the quantitative and qualitative strengthening of the contributions from Côte d'Ivoire wikimedians on Wikimedia platforms / Final version

Kumusha Takes Wiki project (KTW)[edit]

  1. Schedule of February 2015
  2. Schedule of March 2015
  3. Schedule of May 2015

Other Drafts[edit]


  1. Activity
  2. Agenda 2016

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