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Hello - Hala


Can be contacted using my talk page here or by email.

For confirmation of user id, please see the source of my userpage before the second indefinite ban, thanks to the good-faith ignorance of arab wiki admins.


I wish to thank the following admins/ex-admins:

ar:user:Oxydo here as user:Oxydo admin since april 29, 2005.

ar:user:Chaos here as user:Chaos

ar:user:TheEgyptian Three incorrect bans, two of which are indefinite.

ar:user:Shipmaster here as user:Shipmaster supporting the above-named admin in two bans. He thinks a 75% between a handful of users/admins means consensus.

ar:user:Meno25 here as user:Meno25 (the only admin on both ar and en wikis)

ar:user:مبتدئ (sockpuppeteer ex-admin)

ar:user:Alnokta, says: "I use 'The Joke' (alnokta) as a nickname though I'm not funny at all. I have the delete button... I day dream at the commons too." :-)

ar:user:Mido, here as user:Mido, our ambassador.

ar:user:Aram33 here as user:Aram33 (sockpuppeteer admin)

ar:user:Classic 971 (more sockpuppets that any other user/admin, still at large)

  • Translation of the second indefinite blocking reasons

See history of ar:مستخدم:Azdiyy and ar:مستخدم:Azdiyy/تجاوزات, which was written after the ban, and will be updated with old-age stories. No policy has been mentioned as justifying this second indefinite ban. just a handful of admins who think they are the community of ar wiki. : one admin makes a reference to ignore all rules, another to trolling - many are happy with the ban, but not two can agree to the reasons (so far).


User talk:Alnokta

User talk:Mido

User talk:Meno25

User talk:Shipmaster

User talk:Aram33

User talk:Classic 971


saved pages[edit]

pages copied from ar wiki and related to the ban - stored here temporarily.

official policy or just a joke?[edit]

tho ar wiki has no dispute resolution policy, following an argument with me then admin user:Chaos translated on feb 28 an indefinite ban policy modifying it to suit his case against me. suddenly on may 6 a vote was called and 8 admins/ex admins voted yes on the same day - an unprecedented support. [1] the stupid policy allows an admin to nominate a user for expelling, which will be done if he/she gets 75% or more of votes!

the policy has not been well-discussed. how can it be if no dispute resolution exists? the voting page says it will be passed if it gets 75% of votes. currently at 14 yes, 4 no.

some admins/ex admins who voted yes[edit]

  1. user:Oxydo
  2. user:Chaos
  3. user:مبتدئ
  4. user:Aram33
  5. user:Shipmaster
  6. user:TheEgyptian
  7. user:Meno25


The pages below are saved here for reference (just in case they are wiped out)




other projects[edit]

anyone from arabic or other wikis is invited to edit or comment on my contributions - this is how wiki works!