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New features added to advanced mobile contributions

Screenshots showing the new, advanced features on the Wikipedia mobile site
Screenshots showing how to enable advanced contributions mode


A few months ago we announced the Advanced Mobile Contributions project. This project expands the editing and contribution features available on mobile to become closer to those of desktop. We have added new features and want to encourage you to try out the mode and to share it with others. Currently, the advanced mobile contribution settings include:

  1. Article and Talk tabs at the top of all pages.
  2. An enhanced toolbar (at the top of article and user pages), with a link to history, and a new menu that contains other useful actions and links such as page information, wikidata item, permalink, what links here, Special:Cite, and more.
  3. Fully featured history pages, formatted for mobile screens.
  4. An updated main menu with links to Special pages and the Community portal.

You can opt-in to these new features in your settings.

We hope you'll try out these new features and that they will help you in contributing from your mobile device. We have more features to come including a new user menu, an improved Recent changes page, and other small bug fixes.

So far the feedback on these features has been positive. The opt-out rate has been very low. This means that the people who have tried it do like and use the improvements. We hope you'll be one of them too! Please tell others about these feature. If you have any questions you can find out more on the project page. Feedback is welcome. Thank you!