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This is my wishlist for new wikipedias - it is not a list of requests, but rather a list of languages that I think are realistic candidates for having their own wikipedia, based on linguistic and geographical diversity, and the prospects for building a successful wikpedia. They are mostly from language families or regions of the world which already have successful wikipedias. I hope some languages on this list get their own wikipedias sometime this year, so I can update it.

  • Balochi (بلوچی - over 7 million speakers in region of Balochistan, including parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran)
  • Hiligaynon (Ilonggo - one of the main languages of the Philippines, with about 7 million first language speakers and millions of second language speakers)
  • Hmong (Hmoob Ndaub / Moo Ntsuab / Hmoo Dawb - a group of languages, but the main Hmong varieties are generally mutually intelligible; there are over 10 million speakers of Hmong-Mien languages, but no members of this family have wikipedias yet)
  • Minangkabau (Baso Minang - the most important language on Sumatra, with about 7 million speakers; widely used as a lingua franca)
  • Lower Sorbian (dolnoserbski - Slavic language in eastern Germany; closely related Upper Sorbian created in October, 2006)

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