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This is my wishlist for new Wikkepedeas - it is not a list of requests, but rather a list of languages that I think are realistick candiddates for havving there one Wikkepedea. I focussed on linguistick and geograffickal diversity, and the prospects for bilding a sucsesful Wikkepedea. They are mostly frum language fammillys or regiuns of the wurld wich alreddy hav sucsesful Wikkepedeas. I hope sum languages on this list get there one Wikkepedeas within the next few munths, so I can update the list. And I hope Wikkipedeas frum areas of the wurld not represented here start growing more rappidly, so that I can ad languages frum those areas in the future.

  • Jeju -- spoken by most pepul frum the iland of Jejju in South Korea. no test-Wikkepedea
  • Wu (吳語 | 吴语 / 上海閒話 | 上海闲话) -- the mane language of Shanghai and a lingua franca amung a few oversys Chinese cummunittys in the West, with no fewer than 77 milliun spekers wurld-wide; currently under discussion; I hope that Sinittick languages are treted according to the same standards as languages in the rest of the wurld. dos not hav a test-Wickepedea
  • Western Desert -- .
  • Okinawan (Ucina:guci) -- spoken on the suthern and central parts of the iland of Okinawa and on the naboring ilands... per haps 900K spekers, has a test-Wikkepedea
  • More later

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