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Trung Quoc Don - 徵國單
Ch'i Kuk-Sŏn - Chō Kokutan
The types of coins I prefer writing about, though it's not uncommon for me to venture into other numismatic endeavours.
Other than writing articles about them I like taking pictures 📷 of them to use in those articles and elsewhere.
If you are interested in seeing the articles I’ve started then go to w:nl:Gebruiker:Donald Trung/Mijn werk 🏢, if you wish to collaborate with me and everyone else on those articles then be bold and improve them. 😉 If you’re also interested in the science of studying coins and their history then go join a local WikiProject on numismatics, if you’re from a Wiki that doesn’t have one you should feel free to create one.
Generally I tend to be busy so I might not be able to respond on time, I'm most likely to be at Wikimedia Commons so it’s probably best to contact me there but if you’re here from another page then you should probably contact me there as I don't like conversing outside of the concerned page. Also I prefer to talk on-wiki so don't invite me off-wiki as I am even was likely to respond in time there. As of now this page is “a stub” I’ll expand it later. 😅
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