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Re. Omegawiki[edit]

Hi Donald,

The request for adopting Omegawiki by WMF was a few years ago. Since then Wikidata developed and is now trying to adapt it for Wiktionary ( see ). In view of that, I concluded that OmegaWiki will most probably never get adopted.

I am still waiting to see how it will be (I still have a rather blury understanding from the information available). If it becomes something nice, it would be an option to import the OmegaWiki data in it, since OmegaWiki is well structured it is easy to import it anywhere (unfortunately does not work the other way around: it is difficult to import a standard dictionary such as the Wiktionaries, to OmegaWiki) - and then I will move to Wikidata again.

However, I saw that the Wiktionary community is mostly against Wikidata, as it is/was against OmegaWiki, so it remains to be seen that it is actually used.

OmegaWiki is mostly in need of work on the software side. It is a bit slow and the interface could look better. I have a few ideas, but lack time :) However I have not yet seen any equivalent - i.e. a truly free/open multilingual dictionary centered around concepts, instead of around words. is the closest I know, but their data cannot be downloaded. --Kipcool (talk) 21:26, 16 October 2017 (UTC)