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This is a list of tools that editors can use to make tasks easier. Free to add something you might think useful.

About me[edit]

More or less the following projects are those that I'm active most. → Frigotoni @ it.wikipediavec.wikipediait.wikiversitymediawikiwikien.wikipedia



  • Global user manager checks the global status of a user.
  • Luxo's counter (cross-wiki contribs or global contributions) gives an overview of a user's latest contributions on all public wikis.
  • SUL info shows the status of a user's SUL and their status on each wiki they are registered at.
  • CrossActivity shows the date and time of a user's latest action on all wikis.
  • xContribs (cross-contribs) measures cross-wikiness, i.e., how much of their contributions are spread across wikis.
  • Edit summary calculator shows how often a user gives an summary for their edits. Fl's tool does the same, by namespace.
  • FindMe! shows on which wikis a user has registered an account.
  • Contribs shows the contributions of multiple users in a single list.
  • Watcher shows how many users are watching a certain page. It won't show the exact number if the page has fewer than 30 watchers.
  • Stalker compares the contributions of up to ten users. The search can be filtered by namespace.
  • Stalk toy provides comprehensive information about the status of a user, IP address, or CIDR range on all Wikimedia wikis.

Anonymous users[edit]

Warning and blocking[edit]

  • Warning templates to warn IPs/new users.
  • Block finder finds the block responsible for blocking a given IP address. It checks both global and local blocks as well as range and normal blocks.

Reporting spam/vandalism[edit]