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I've been asked to introduce and moderate a session on Funding at the Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2012. Below are some notes and points for discussion.

Why funding?[edit]

  • Ad-hoc expense reimbursement (materials, travel, equipment, external service providers)
  • Recurring operations costs (rent, staff)

Funding sources[edit]

  • membership dues
  • direct donations
  • in-kind donation/services
  • grants
  • Funds Dissemination Committee proposals (for eligible entities only)
  • fees for services rendered (honorariums for speaking, for workshops, for consulting). (careful!)

Transparency, Accountability, and Controls[edit]

  • movement funds are discussed publicly and reported on publicly
  • it is important that group funds are never controlled by a single person. Chapter/group bank accounts must always have at least two co-signatories.
  • there needs to be a clear process of approving expenses -- who authorizes expenditure of chapter/group funds? What is the process to discuss or object? How are expenses announced/reported to the community?
  • grants require public reports. Reports are useful not just for transparency, but also for distilling learning from successes and setbacks.
  • See more on governance here, for example.