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Lomora Ronald (Romeo)
Lomora Ronald (Romeo)
Team leader Wikimedia community user group South Sudan, Wikimedia community user group South Sudan
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About me

As a fervent advocate for open and free knowledge, I'm on a mission to bring expert knowledge and information to the forefront for the benefit of the Public. My journey within the Free & Open Knowledge community, both as a volunteer and in my professional roles, has been dedicated to forging connections between expert communities and the vast pool of dedicated volunteers. Together, we collaborate on projects like Wikipedia, Kiwix, OpenStreetMap, Github, and Wikimedia Commons, all with the shared belief that transforming how these communities engage with each other and the world's knowledge is vital.

My driving force is the belief that without reimagining these interactions, we cannot hope to create a public knowledge commons capable of addressing pressing global issues such as human rights, education, and climate change. My goal is to catalyze a shift in perspective that allows us to create meaningful solutions.

I'm not just an advocate; I'm an innovator and a multi-modal thinker. I thrive on tackling a wide range of challenges, all in service of our shared mission. To me, it's about ensuring that those who contribute as volunteers and experts can effectively reach the right public audience when they possess the most vital information.

Beyond my passion for open knowledge and my background in the humanities and teaching, I also have a deep love for podcasting. I view it as a powerful tool for sharing information and knowledge, amplifying voices, and fostering understanding among diverse audiences.

Adding to this tapestry, I take pride in my role as a leader within the Wikimedia, Open Knowledge South Sudan, and the OpenStreetMap community in South Sudan. Here, I serve not only as a dedicated volunteer but also as a team leader, guiding and inspiring others to contribute their expertise and dedication to this essential cause.

In every facet of my work, from podcasting to OpenStreetMap, Open Knowledge South Sudan, and Wikimedia leadership, my mission remains unwavering: to empower people, harness the incredible power of information, and drive positive change in our world.

My work

Here is a partial list of works that i coordinated or involved in :

Past and Ongoing Works