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This user account is mainly used for import management of contents from the NGO Louvain Coopération.

The NGO in a nutshell[edit]

Louvain Cooperation annually improves the living conditions of millions of people in collaboration with 140 local partners in long-term processes (3 to 10 years).

Louvain Coopération has complementary expertise in development awareness, sustainable agriculture, local entrepreneurship, health care and access to health care.

As an NGO recognized by UCL as its NGO, Louvain Coopération can mobilize the energies and expertise of universities in the short, medium or long term in support of our projects.

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Geographical distribution of projects supported by Louvain Cooperation (see in French)[edit]

SAE = Food and Economic Security / Musa = Mutuality of health / Edu = Education for Global Citizenship / RDC = Democratic Republic of Congo
Countries Provinces / Départements / Régions Communes / Préfectures / Districts Projects SAE Projects Santé Projects Musa Projects Edu
Belgique Brabant Wallon Louvain-la-Neuve Edu
Belgique Bruxelles Wolluwé-Saint-Pierre Edu
Bénin Atacora Boukombé Musa
Bénin Atacora Cobly Musa
Bénin Atacora Matéri Musa
Bénin Atacora Tangiéta Musa
Bénin Borgou Bembéréké Musa
Bénin Mono Bopa Musa
Bénin Mono Comé Musa
Bénin Mono Houeyogbé Musa
Bénin Mono Lokossa SAE
Bénin Mono SAE Musa
Bénin Zou Bohicon SAE
Bolivia La Paz La Paz SAE Santé
Bolivia Oruro Candelaria SAE Santé
Bolivia Tarija Tarija SAE Santé
Burundi Cankuzo Cendajuru SAE
Burundi Cibitoke Buganda SAE
Burundi Cibitoke Murwi SAE
Burundi Kayanza Gahombo Musa
Burundi Kirundo Bugabira SAE
Burundi Kirundo Busoni SAE Musa
Burundi Kirundo Kirundo SAE Musa
Burundi Kirundo Ntega SAE
Burundi Makamba Kayogoro SAE
Burundi Makamba Kibago SAE
Burundi Makamba Mabanda SAE
Burundi Makamba Nyanza-lacs SAE
Burundi Ngozi Busiga Musa
Burundi Ngozi Gashikanwa Musa
Burundi Ngozi Kiremba Santé
Burundi Ngozi Ngozi Musa
Burundi Ngozi Mwumba Santé Musa
Burundi Rutana Bukemba SAE
Burundi Rutana Giharo SAE
Burundi Ruyigi Gisuru SAE
Burundi Ruyigi Kinyinya SAE
Cambodia Kampong Thom Baray SAE
Cambodia Kampong Thom Santuk SAE
Cambodia Kampong Thom Steung Saen SAE
Cambodia Kompong Cham Chamkar Leu Santé
Cambodia Tbong Khmum Ou Reang Ov
Cambodia Phnom Penh Dangkor SAE Santé
Cambodia Phnom Penh Sen Sok Santé
Cambodia Phnom Penh Tuol Kouk Santé
Madagascar Tuléar / Menabe Belo-sur-Tsiribihina SAE Santé
Madagascar Tuléar / Menabe Mahabo Santé
Madagascar Tuléar / Menabe Manja SAE Santé
Madagascar Tuléar / Menabe Morondava SAE Santé
RDC Sud Kivu Bukavu SAE Santé
RDC Sud Kivu Kabare SAE
RDC Sud Kivu Kalehe SAE
RDC Sud Kivu Katana Santé
RDC Sud Kivu Walungu SAE Santé
Togo Région centrale Blitta Musa
Togo Région centrale Sotouboua Musa
Togo Région centrale Tchamba Musa
Togo Région centrale Tchaoudjo Musa
Togo Région des plateaux Est-Mono Musa
Togo Région des Savanes Cinkansé SAE Musa
Togo Région des Savanes Kpendjal (est et ouest) SAE Musa
Togo Région des Savanes Oti (nord et sud) SAE
Togo Région des Savanes Tadjouare SAE Musa
Togo Région des Savanes Tône SAE Musa

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