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Ciao a tutti,

thank you for sharing your impressions in this space. We apologize for sending the message in English. We realize MassMessage is not a good tool for this, and are considering developing better tools for sending localized messages. We have also seen some disagreement on the campaign’s page about the content not being translated in advance. We want to encourage everyone to contribute your views in any language you may prefer, as some of you have already done. The campaign is open to be translated in any language, and we encourage to add your language as well, as it may help people in your community contribute until August 23.

We are happy to say a little more about the motivations of the campaign. Understanding what makes our communities grow and thrive is an important issue across communities and we want to engage in conversation with as many editors, new or experienced, as possible. We started the conversation in a collaborative mural at Wikimania and will be capturing and sorting the input submitted in both words and images through the month of September. Drawings as a qualitative research tools can provide insight into complex social challenges and we want to provide drawings as one tool for community members to describe a healthy community via words or images [1].

What’s next? We appreciate your feedback so far, and you can continue to have this conversation here or on the campaign pages. All input will feed into a map of themes that will help Learning and Evaluation build a practical guide on how to better collaborate and talk online in different communities. Thank you for joining the conversation.

  1. Drawing as a Qualitative Research Tool. An approach to fieldwork from a social complexity perspective by Christina Zweifel and Joris Van Wezemael, on TRACEY, journal of drawing and visualization research, May 2012