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Education Program

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The tips and resources within this toolkit have been developed in consultation with program leaders, who have been working with educators around the world for nearly ten years to teach people of all ages to contribute to Wikimedia projects in an educational setting.

Within each section of the tool kit, you will find strategies and solutions that have been tested and refined by Wikimedians to help your program succeed whether you are just starting to use Wikimedia in the classroom, growing your program to support many different kinds of educators and institutions or even working with local authorities to integrate Wikilearning into national curriculum.

[check office page for talking points and key messages around education]

Success factors

→ Start small, grow smart.
→ Work with the community.
→ Teach to student ability.
→ Focus on motivation.
→ Set goals and track progress.

How to use this toolkit [edit]

Use the navbar to navigate through the different sections in this toolkit:

Plan Run Evaluate Connect

Each section corresponds to a different step in the program.

  1. Plan. This section has different guides to get you started on your program: planning your program, partnerships and participants, finding resources and designing for growth.
  2. Run. When your program starts, several issues can come up. We are here to give you support... and ideas! In this section you'll find a guide to tech support, ideas for teaching and assignments and a guide to problem solving.
  3. Evaluate. When your program ends, in whole or in part, be ready to measure your results. We go back to the beginning: what did you plan to achieve? What results did you get in the end? You'll find help on global metrics and other evaluation tools and resources. Here you'll also find strategies for storytelling.
  4. Connect. We want you to be part of our network of teachers and professionals that are already part of Wikipedia Education Program all over the world. Talking to peers will help you run your program, find new ideas and expand your impact. You will also find reports and news from other education programs, as well as be able to connect to leaders who coordinate other Wikimedia programs.