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Data Acquisition in GIS notes by maveric149 Report



For my project I propose to collect data on several light rail stations in the downtown area of Sacramento. For each station I plan on collecting information about the number and type of ‘services’ that are within ¼ mile and ½ mile radius from the light rail station. For example I plan on using an online telephone directory to search for a certain type of ‘service’ within the area code of the light rail station. By service I mean such things as grocery stores, banks, ATMs, spatiality shops, cafés etc. The point of this exercise is to see what types of services are within walking distance from the various light rail stations. Analysis can then be done to compare the number and type of services available to particular stations. Other information, like relative usage of each station could then be inputted. Further analysis could then be done to compare the relative usage of a transit station against the distance that a particular service is from the station.