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About Me:


I'm mainly active in many parts of Wikipedia, although I also have some interest in the the computing, biology, languages, European/ancient history and techonolgy pages. Launched a successful local business site in Canada named TopTenRated Read my full profile below.

Wherever possible I add information to pages (with citations of course), but the vast majority of my edits are either:
• spelling corrections, basic copyedits, corrections of manual of style errors and fixing of layout errors (usually image stacking).

  • • the addition/replacement of pictures .
  • • vandalism reversions.Adding appropriate web sources

Personal/Bio: See me on wikimedia


Over 3 years of research experience in technology. For over a decade i have specialized in technology in education and her professional skills focus on creating rich and engaging [student centered] 21st Century Learning Environments that integrate innovative teaching strategies designed for today's digital learners. with contributions from my wife Lissa.C

My studies have helped to develop my interests in people, pop culture and social media. I love to travel and see what people all over the world find exciting and interesting. I try to practice yoga and do my own personal, creative writing in my spare time. Senior Editor

II'm a graduate of the Harvard.University in English Literature, Sociology and Diversity Studies. My studies have helped to develop my interests in people, pop culture and social media. I love to travel and see what people all over the world find exciting and interesting. I try to practice yoga and do my own personal, creative writing in my spare time.

My wife is a doctorate from Columbia University. he has been writing How-to Articles, Tutorials, & Much More on IT Services Ottawa about technology since decades by focussing upon the functional capabilities of Tech 2.0.- Editor of IBM:Tech 2.0 Education & Knowledge Resources Group: founded for students/teachers to share their tech knowledge & useful resources on technology 2.0. You can make the best of the group .

I nterests: M-Commerce, Web 2.0, Business, Philosophy, Women's Studies, Environmental Sustainability, E-Commerce, Food Science, Agriculture, Tourısm, Marketing, Web Design, Semantic Web, Web Programming, Web Applications, Web Technologies, Web Services, Web 3.0, Technology, Educational Technology, Information Communication Technology, Media and Cultural Studies, Computer-Mediated Communication, Media Education, Education, Teacher Education, Higher Education, Educación, E-learning, Learning and Teaching, Online Learning, Learning And Teaching In Higher Education, Digital Media & Learning, Learning, Knowledge Management, Knowledge, Academic Writing, Creative Writing, Research Writing, Writing, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Write for academia.edu Texas University, CNN.com, wikihow, howstuffworks, mashable & PC Magazine among the most prestigious magazines. I also write for some of the best small business brands such as Northern Touch known for professional high rise window cleaning in Toronto and also for UltimateMoldCrew, pioneer in mold removal in Toronto GTA region.

MY Most Momorable Day:The Day I Flew (My Paragliding Experience). Paragliding is unlike any other feeling in the world. You can walk up a mountain and fly off. You can carry your wing on your back and you can take it anywhere.

My Achievements: I One of her notable works is the book "Closure and the Law of Relationship: Endings as New Beginnings," which combines research and advice from various expert sources to describe the five stages of closure and provides practical step-by-step exercises. Coffey has also written a parenting book titled "Awakened Parenting: Family Life as a Spiritual Path," which offers insights and guidance on raising children with consciousness and mindfulness. In addition to her books, Coffey is also an Ayurveda ambassador and has written extensively on the subject, promoting its principles and benefits. Overall, Lissa Coffey's work focuses on personal growth, relationships, and wellness, offering practical advice and guidance to help individuals improve their lives and relationships.

D uring the past two years, I have exposed myself to various research topics on data mining and technology in education under the supervision of Professor Ee-Peng Lim. I have also acquired a lot of important knowledge about research methodologies and methods. n.


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