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Writing down an idea to create a kind of centralised "Wikimedia Movement News".

How it works:

  • The Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation, tech staff, committees, chapters, individual wikis, ... can submit one (maximum several) important news items with a link to a full blog post, mail, report, ...
  • The main idea is to centralise news from all over the Wikimedia worlds. It is not Wikipedia-centric, chapter-centric, GLAM-centric, or whatever. All news items should be short (one or two sentences) and should not include long individual stories.
  • At the end of the week, this report is posted on Meta and sent (by who?) to a mailing list, e.g. "movement-news".
  • An active user volunteers to translate this report to their language. It is recommended that this user subscribes to the mailing list. The translation is posted on Meta and also on the village pumps of their language. E.g. I could translate it to Dutch and post it to the village pumps of the Dutch Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wikisource.

In short, it should be a kind of weekly version of wikimediaannounce-l, translated and delivered right on the village pumps of all wikis.


If this idea becomes reality, the village pumps (where it should be delivered to) and volunteer translators should be listed here:

Language Volunteer Village pumps
In English add...
In Dutch nl:Wikipedia:De_kroeg, add...

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