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Hello, I'm Robin and I live in Flanders.

My work mainly involves the creation of new wikis, and supporting less-active wikis (especially in languages that need technical/language support).

A little wiki history... First, I was an active contributor on the Dutch Wikipedia (first edit on 23 March 2006). Around February-April 2007 I discovered the "wiki-world" outside of Wikipedia (I found Meta, Incubator and Translatewiki), where I slowly became active. Since July/August 2007 I am almost inactive on the Dutch Wikipedia. Now I (either regularly or occasionally) edit various wikis: Wikidata (where I am an administrator), Dutch Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, English Wiktionary, ...

You can visit my website or my blog although there's not much (yet).


See right for Babel info. My native language is Flemish (Dutch as spoken in Flanders). Level of English is quite good thanks to the interwebs. Other languages are French and German, but to a lesser extent (trying to improve though). Afrikaans also quite good thanks to similarity with Flemish/Dutch (but only af-1 because I don't often come in contact with the language). I learnt Latin and a bit of Ancient Greek as classical language, but forgot most of it :) I want to learn more languages, but I can never decide which one to learn first :) In any case, I have some knowledge of other Germanic and Romance languages due to their similarity with languages I know.


How to contact me[edit]

  • Just put a message on my talk page here.
  • You can email me (this will notify me the most quickly if I'm not on IRC).
  • On IRC, I used to be regularly online in various channels. My nick is "SPQRobin" there as well, but "CountOfFlanders" when offline (though it often seems to use SPQRobin even when offline..). My "home" channel is #wikimedia-incubator, and I can also be found on #mediawiki-i18n, #mediawiki, ...

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