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2011 Questions[edit]

These are questions asked of all candidates


  1. How would you define the leadership role of the board of trustees?
  2. Have you reviewed the movement roles initiative and what are your thoughts on this subject?
  3. Which demographic groups do you believe are viable targets for growth as factual article content contributors to Wikipedia?
  4. As a trustee for the Wikimedia Foundation, what do you believe is the largest internal challenge for staff and the board that you would seek to address?
  5. What is your opinion with regard to the Foundation's emphasis on the Global South and it opening offices there?
  6. Do you think that WMF should have financial insurance or an endowment fund?
  7. Do you hold any position either outside Wikimedia or within (such as ChapCom) that may pose a threat to conflict of interest?
  8. Languages based Wikipedia versus countries based chapters
  9. Accumulation of chapter related board members
  10. Articulaton of the voice of the communities of editors
  11. Funding of the chapters' activitites
  12. The Cathedral or the Bazaar?


  1. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Ads and fundraising.
  3. MediaWiki and Wikimedia Foundation development to non-Wikipedia projects
  4. Board minutes
  5. Who defines project scope: project consensus or board vote?
  6. Unelected but Voting Members of the Board
  7. Accepting Bitcoin donations
  8. More chapters at the same territory?
  9. Stateless languages chapters / Esperanto
  10. Gender balance
  11. Technical issues

Additional questions[edit]

Additional questions for the 2011 Board elections are posted on my talk page, including:

  1. May 2010 unpleasantness and Projects' Scope
  2. Is Wikimedia most like..
  3. Other support
  4. Favorite article(s)
  5. Role models
  6. Myers-Briggs
  7. WM in Politics/Activism/Law
  8. Advocacy role for the Foundation
  9. Movement Vision, Scope
  10. Innovation

The Signpost Dozen[edit]

The Signpost recently asked 12 questions of the candidates. My answers:

  1. How did you become involved with the Wikimedia community? What contributions are you most proud of?
  2. What do you see as the role of the Board?
  3. What would you bring to the board that it currently lacks?
  4. What specific goals would you have as a trustee?
  5. What are the key elements you would like to see prioritized in Wikimedia's strategy?
  6. What do you think the Wikimedia Foundation isn't doing that it should be? What is it doing that it shouldn't be?
  7. The English Wikipedia community is concerned with project governance...
  8. What sorts of partnerships should the Foundation pursue?
  9. What is your view of the current financial plan?
  10. What role do chapters play in your vision for Wikimedia?
  11. How does the Advisory Board fit into your strategic vision for Wikimedia?
  12. You've run unsuccessfully for the Board of Trustees before. What has changed?

Candidate questions from Meta[edit]

These are questions asked to all of the candidates.

  1. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Ads?
  3. Fundraising increase
  4. Spending increase
  5. Paid editing
  6. Functions of the Foundation
  7. Chapters
  8. Age restrictions
  9. One more about Foundation income
  10. Censorship & Suppression of information
  11. Sexual content on WMF
  12. Chapter-foundation relationship
  13. Usability projects
  14. Privacy policy
  15. Licensing and Terms of use
  16. Wikimedia chapters' legitimacy and power
  17. Board-level restrictions of private information disclosure
  18. What will you do about the WMF mishandling it's funding?
  19. Board - Staff
  20. Events and outreach
  21. Foundation Endowment
  22. "Office actions" and BLP issues