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User:Sj/Support the election

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Turn out for elections is normally amazingly low; and keeps us from developing stronger Foundation-wide governance. You can help:

  • Write a short testimonial for your favorite candidates. Blog about it; post something about it on-wiki.
  • Offer to translate a mini-biography for a candidate, or help with the larger translation process
  • Arrange a voting drive on your home wiki
  • Help your home wiki consider questions and requests for the Board
    • Set up a 'feature requests' page on your home wiki, for people to organize and prioritize features they need to make their own work more effective
    • Organize a 'community facilitation' group on your wiki, to organize and amplify important discussions about the Foundation.
    • If you are part of a group that don't qualify to vote but want to, organize a page about suffrage to help them work on a better proposal for voting standards.
    • Post questions and suggestions for the elections organizers.
  • Post good questions for the current Board candidates - this is a good chance to get a fast response from the future community represntatives.