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Wikimania 2005, held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, was an international gathering of community members, fans, and researchers from around Europe and around the world. The event lasted from 3 to 8 days, depending on how you counted; with a peak of over 400 people enjoying the hospitality of the Haus der Jugend, a youth hostel/conference center in old Frankfurt town.

The setup team began arriving on Sunday, July 30. Among other tasks, they had to set up the local wireless network from scratch. From August 1-4, around 20 developers gathered, primarily old hands at MediaWiki coding. They spent the days disussing software and hardware architectures, and planning (and coding) new features. Many more guests began to arrive on Thursday, August 4, when the registration desk opened in earnest. Some 380 registrants made their way in over the course of the weekend. Throughout the week, press and media were passing through the complex; some 120 of them in all.

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