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Oleg Abarnikov
Oleg Abarnikov
أوليج * اولگ * אָלעג * אולג * ओलेग * ოლეგ * Օլեգ * Алег * Åleg * Олег * Oleg * Oļegs * Olegas * 奥列格 * 奧列格 * オレグ * 올렉 * Όλεγκ * ഒലെഗ് * โอเล็ก

About me

I was born on 6 December 1984 in Alma-Ata. I am editor, translator, journalist from Moscow, Russia. I graduated with honors from Oryol State University in 2007, and I studied in the postgraduate course at the geographic faculty of Moscow State University in 2007–2010. Now I'm working as a head of information-patent sector at the Research Institute of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
My face

My contribute

My home project is Russian Wikipedia, since October 2006.
At Lezgi Wikipedia I am project Administrator since 2012, Interface administrator since September 2018. I was temporary Administrator at Buryat Wikipedia in 2013-14 and at Bashkir Wikipedia in October 2016 — June 2020 (also Interface administrator in 2018—2020).
I am also active on small wikis, Commons, so on.
I am member of the Wikimedia RU Partnership since March 2017.
Wikipedians of North Caucasus User Group founder (2019).

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