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You are probably linked to this page because you asked a commonly-asked question I'd prefer to get it elsewhere, or you're asking something.

I can help you, and I will help you, but when it's requested correctly. This might sound harsh, lazy, or something like that, but I would rather get my talk pages in order, and make searching easier.

Use SR/SN[edit]

For steward action request, please use the SR and the corresponding subpages, I will not act unless you post it on correct request page. I might do it once as a courtesy, though. The reason I prefer everything on SR subpages are that SR archive will be the ultimate source of archive and I will just need to browse SR archives (not my talk page archive) when I need to search something.

The same applies to admin action requests.

Now if your request does not fit to SR, SN, or admin's noticeboard...

Read archives and FAQ[edit]

The talk archive contains all the past questions, and FAQ has an answer for the commonly-asked questions. Please read them before asking me something. Maybe your question has been asked by someone else in the past, and it might have been answered.

Don't send me an email unless you need to[edit]

Don't send me an email if your email content is not about privacy, Oversight, security, or otherwise legitimately need to remain private. Obviously, email between you and me is just for you and me, so nobody else can learn about what happened, and what can be done better if we keep it for a secret. Also, if you email me like this, your email will be published on wiki, forever. (This is also staetd on email guidelines)

Include relevant informations[edit]

I am not a magician, and I cannot use the crystal balls to guess what you're talking about. Maybe I can guess what you're talking about, but please don't make me guess. So, if you want to complain something or ask something, be clear, include all the relevant informations, such as the block message. If your privacy would be in danger if you post it on the wiki, email is open.