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Meta-Wiki has a small active community. When a normal user requires the assistance of an administrator or bureaucrat for some particular task, it is not always easy to find one. This page helps users find one when they need one; asking specific admins directly via their talk pages is one way to elicit a fast response. It is only for assistance required at Meta-Wiki, help for other wikis needs to be requested at those wikis.

See also: Stewards' noticeboard, Access to nonpublic personal data policy noticeboard, Category:Meta-Wiki policies, Category:Global policies

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Request for interface adminship (Pppery)


Can I please have interface admin rights on Meta? I'm already an admin here and an interface admin on two other WMF wikis (and hence already have 2FA enabled), and would like to help out with various iadmin tasks here too. Thanks. * Pppery * it has begun 00:35, 21 July 2024 (UTC)Reply

@Pppery, just asking for a confirmation of reading Meta:Interface administrators. Please confirm also that you have 2FA enabled, I cannot see it in the list. --M/ (talk) 11:46, 22 July 2024 (UTC)Reply
The oauthauth-tester group allows users who aren't otherwise in a privileged group to enable 2FA. Since I was an admin (which is a privleged group) for several years before becoming an iadmin I never needed to be in that group. And yes, I have read Meta:Interface administrators and do have 2FA enabled. Any steward can check that for themselves if they don't want to trust me. * Pppery * it has begun 14:07, 22 July 2024 (UTC)Reply
Confirming as a steward, you may proceed. EPIC (talk) 14:10, 22 July 2024 (UTC)Reply
Of course you did not need other confirmation, indeed EPIC was faster than me.
Done --M/ (talk) 14:11, 22 July 2024 (UTC)Reply
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Report concerning User:

[edit] (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • logs • filter log • block user • block log • GUC • CA)Reasons: LTA: MidAtlanticBaby XReport --A09|(pogovor) 19:17, 22 July 2024 (UTC)Reply

Mobile.. its stale now, unless I block the whole range. Not done for now. - XXBlackburnXx (talk) 21:09, 22 July 2024 (UTC)Reply
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