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Wikidata weekly summary #282

Wikidata weekly summary #282

The Signpost: 23 October 2017

18:18, 23 October 2017 (UTC)

Wikidata weekly summary #283

Wikidata weekly summary #282

Wikidata weekly summary #284

00:20, 31 October 2017 (UTC)

This Month in Education: October 2017

This Month in Education

Volume 6 | Issue 9 | October 2017

This monthly newsletter showcases the Wikipedia Education Program. It focuses on sharing: your ideas, stories, success and challenges. You can see past editions here. You can also volunteer to help publish the newsletter. Join the team! Finally, don't forget to subscribe!

In This Issue

Featured Topic

Your community should discuss to implement the new P&E Dashboard functionalities

From the Community

Wikidata implemented in Wikimedia Serbia Education Programe

Hundred teachers trained in the Republic of Macedonia

Basque Education Program makes a strong start

From the Education Team

WikiConvention Francophone 2017

CEE Meeting 2017

Learning Quarterly: October 2017

L&E Newsletter / Volume 4 / Issue 13 / August 2017
Learning Quarterly

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Wikidata weekly summary #285

18:45, 6 November 2017 (UTC)

This Month in GLAM: October 2017

  • Australia and New Zealand report: Adding Australian women in research to Wikipedia
  • Brazil report: Integrating Wikimedia projects into the Brazilian National Archives GLAM
  • Bulgaria report: Botevgrad became the first wikitown in Bulgaria
  • France report: Wiki Loves Monuments; Opérations Libres
  • Germany report: GLAMorous activities in October
  • Italy report: Experts training on GLAM projects
  • Serbia report: Wikipedian in residence at Historical Archives of Subotica; Model of a grain of wheat exlusivly digitized for Wikimedia Commons; Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Information and Wikimedia Serbia - GLAM presentations and workshops for museums, archives and libraries
  • Spain report: Women Writers Day
  • Sweden report: Swedish Performing Arts Agency; Connected Open Heritage; Internetmuseum; More Working life museums
  • UK report: Scotland's Libraries & Hidden Gems
  • Ukraine report: Wikitraining for Librarians; Library Donation
  • USA report: trick or treat
  • Wikidata report: WikidataCon & Birthday
  • WMF GLAM report: News about Structured Commons!
  • Calendar: November's GLAM events
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Wikidata weekly summary #286

19:19, 13 November 2017 (UTC)