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This page is a user talk for revi. Any comment except vandalism and harassment is welcome.
If you request something here, I will make an entry on my personal To-Do management system with a reference to your request, and handle it in first-in first-out basis. I do try to do things as soon as possible but there is no guarantee. (May be visible here)

If you came from other wikis pointing here as a discussion place, please leave a link to local page that caused you to come here. If you are here to complain about my Commons' action, go to Commons talk page.

Threads with no reply for one week will be automatically archived by bot.

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I'll be away for few weeks (or months). No ETA.

  • If you need OS on Meta: Meta:OS
  • If you need OS on wikis without local OS: stewards(_AT_)
  • I (probably) will not reply to your IRC/Discord/etc pings.

— regards, Revi 06:00, 19 March 2021 (UTC)