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hello, why did you block me when I was never using wikipedia... and now I realised... what is the reason?

How to kill participation[edit]

It is said I use an open proxy which is not true, it is not openned, it is my server. I am a victim of an avanger who dares doing global blocking. A /24! Why not a /0?

Arab string vandal is a daily thing[edit]

The Arab string bloke is usually there for a day at an IP, no longer, and can seem to get a second IP address, though I haven't seen themt get a third in a day.  — billinghurst sDrewth


Hallo Jon, I noticed that you blocked my account, because of, quote: ": Open Proxy: Colocation webhost"

How come is it???

Fun fact: that is occurred after one of my editings has been rejected because of "speculation about future event" connected to a tv host, for a news that is not a speculation but, actually, a news.

I wait for your answer. thanks.


Due to my location, I have to use VPN to access Wikipedia[edit]

Hi! Due to my current location, I have no other option but to access Wikipedia via VPN.So I request exemption from blocking my IP address from editing.

Hi Jon[edit]

There was a scheduled delete on two of my articles recently and I decided that I could improve one of them with more first party resources, as recommended by the notice. That is why I added lengthy interviews with the notable person in question, Serkan Özay, by two large media entities, an invited contribution on an official Sony website, and also the videos of a guest academic lecture delivered on a university's official vimeo channel. For some reason, despite my attempts in good faith in trying to improve the article per Wikipedia's standards, it was nominated for deletion with the same exact reasons stated in the first notice--essentially disregarding the later edits that I surmise solve the valid issues raised.

If you could review the latest edit again and in particular peruse the references 8, 9, and 10 that would be great. Thank you for your help. Cheers.

Hello, Jon![edit]

 I've tried to fix a broken link at page Shall vs Will (Colored uses).
 Could you, please, fix it or unblock me?

Reason for a block[edit]

Dear Kolbert, why you blocked me? I dont'make nothing of wrong.

Antonio Castronuovo - Italy

Il blocco è stato imposto da Jon Kolbert ( La motivazione del blocco è la seguente: Open Proxy: Colocation webhost - Contact stewards if you are affected Using ISP Rangefinder. Inizio del blocco: 20:52, 2 ago 2019 Scadenza del blocco: 20:52, 2 nov 2020 Se lo si desidera, è possibile contattare Jon Kolbert per discutere del blocco. Si noti che la funzione "Invia una email all'utente" non è attiva se non è stato registrato un indirizzo e-mail valido nelle proprie preferenze o se l'utilizzo di tale funzione è stato bloccato. L'indirizzo IP attuale è, e l'intervallo bloccato è —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk)

Blocked user[edit]

I wonder why I am blocked. It say my IP address is in the blocked range.

Bloqueo de mi IP[edit]

@Jon Kolbert: por favor no he hecho nada malo como para que me bloquees, mi articulo cumple con los criterios solicitados anteriormente por wikipedia, un bibliotecario en anterioridad me había dejado permanecer el articulo, y me vienes con que, hay muchos elogios donde en realidad no los hay, así que pido porfa que revices de nuevo mi articulo y que me desbloquees.



Why did you block me?[edit]

Tell me why you blocked me. Preferably before you take down my wikipedia page that I worked so hard on.............

Greetings, Jon![edit]

Would you enlighten me as to what inadvertent offense I must have committed to trigger your multi-year block? As an infrequent contributor who tends to make only minor edits, I am stunned. It would help to know what it was that caused such a heavy censoring (if only to avoid it in the future.) Thank you!

Please remove the block![edit]

Can you please remove the web host block. My IP address is I only edit the pages for Omni Parker House and Harvey Parker. Thanks.

Please remove the block![edit]

Hallo Jan, why do you block me? Thats very bad, because I cannot work! Regards --Ranofuchs (talk) 20:10, 16 September 2019 (UTC)

i have been blocked[edit]

due to the circumstances i am in. i have no choice other than to use a vpn. I cannot access the edit function which is frustrating as i usually do. The IP you have blocked is

After years of creative updating - now blocked![edit]

~I am at work and often in spare moments edit Wikipedia - now I can't - what gives? The notice declare my IP is - whether it is that everyday I have no idea. Kevinalewis (talk) 08:21, 17 September 2019 (UTC)

Come on - I have edited happily with a good track record for many years - and now you do this!!!! Kevinalewis (talk) 10:05, 18 September 2019 (UTC)

Oh yes and I can't even edit on the Steward requests/Global page. So I am left with talking here. Kevinalewis (talk) 10:09, 18 September 2019 (UTC)
If you're caught in a global block, you can request global IP block exemption at SRGP. Vermont (talk) 10:11, 18 September 2019 (UTC)

I am bound to use a VPN[edit]

Hello, because of my location I have no chance but to use a VPN to get access to editing page of Wikipedia. Is there a way for you to lift my block? IP:

Unblock Request[edit]

Hello Jon Kolbert: I admit that in one of my, I violated copyrights of the content by copying some of the paragraphs in the original article into mine without citing a reference to the original article, but I have now read and understood what I should always do while writing and editing any article on Wikipedia. I request that my Unblock request be granted. Thanks

why you block me John?[edit]

My name is yuyu and I have never create an account or edit any page. Pleaes can you explain to me why I am blocked by you in August 2019 by you? I only noticed this today.

Thank you very much!


Please unblock[edit]

Why are you blocking? I don't remember.IP: