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  • I assume this is you Tim. Research Focus Area, Evolution of Human Languages, Taxonomy and Genetic Relationships Between Indo-Pacific Languages, Santa Fe Institute. I am currently working with Dr. Durbin Feeling and Dr. Dusty Delso on the machine translator for Cherokee (we are all Native Speakers and I am a Cherokee Citizen and Native Speaker). Vanita Taveapont of the Ute Tribe is the contact for Uto-Aztecan translations and is providing me all the materials for the various Uto-Aztecan dialects still spoken, as well as one that is extinct, but still used in Ute Ceremonies. Given your background, I think you would have a lot to add to our project. Please email me at [1] if you are interested in joining our project. I have not started on the Pueblo Languages, but I grew up in Corrales New Mexico (about 40 miles South of Santa Fe) and I know a large number of Folks from the Languna, Zia, and Santa Domingo Pueblos I gourd dance with in Albuquerque several times a year, and I've approached several of them about helping create a machine translator for the Pueblo languages. I think you would be a wonderful addition, if you are interested. Jeff Merkey.

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