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VisualEditor/Newsletter/Phase 6.1

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These Wikipedias will receive major communications about VisualEditor (requests for testing related to IMEs, other announcements, and eventually the monthly multilingual newsletter, but not immediately).

Please let us know if the targets are not relevant for any of these messages - keeping in mind your community really needs to hear about these changes.

Please let us know in the talk page if translators are available to work on the messages before they get delivered. Thank you!

  1. ውክፔዲያ ውይይት:ምንጭጌ am.wikipedia.org
  2. Project:Warung_Kopi bug.wikipedia.org
  3. Project:Tiăng-dŏng cdo.wikipedia.org
  4. Project:Community_Portal cr.wikipedia.org
  5. Project:Ynnyd_y_phobble gv.wikipedia.org
  6. Project:Chhâm-siòng hak.wikipedia.org
  7. Վիքիպեդիա:Խորհրդարան/տեխնիկական hy.wikipedia.org
  8. Վիքիպեդիա:Խորհրդարան hy.wikipedia.org
  9. ვიკიპედია:ფორუმი/მრავალენოვანი ka.wikipedia.org
  10. ვიკიპედია:ფორუმი/ტექნიკური საკითხები ka.wikipedia.org
  11. Βικιπαίδεια:Αγορά pnt.wikipedia.org
  12. Project:Pijaca-Пијаца sh.wikipedia.org
  13. Project:Community portal ti.wikipedia.org
  14. Project:Seqgih za.wikipedia.org
  15. Project:Chhiū-á-kha zh-min-nan.wikipedia.org
  16. ვიკიპედია:ოჩაიე xmf.wikipedia.org