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Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India)

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Wikigraphists Bootcamp
(2018 India)

Status: Done
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The Graphic Labs on Wikimedia Commons and English Wikipedia, create/improve graphical content for use on Wikimedia projects. The Wikigraphists handle requests that have been proposed by the community. This involves work such as vectorizing images — converting to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), new drawings, diagrams and maps when requests are made to do so. The primary motivation behind this project is to create a community of such users in India, who'll later take up request from communities.

Event details


Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India) is a three-day training workshop to equip the participants with the skills required to create illustrations and digital drawings in SVG format. For this workshop, keep in view of time constraint, the major part of the training will on Inkscape only. However, other additional tools and add-ons are deemed necessary by the facilitators will be demonstrated.

  • Online session 1: 5 August 2018
  • Online session 2: 19 August 2018
  • Online session 3: 16 September 2018
  • Main event: 28–30 September 2018 (Day 0: 27 September 2018)
School of Design, Ambedkar University Delhi
Active Wikimedians from India; refer the participation page for more details.
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