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The Kartographer map creator/editor interface in the VisualEditor does not have all the options that users can access when editing maps in wikitext. We added two missing attributes (frameless, caption), improved the language setting input, and added embedded help text to explain what the options mean.

The "Options" tab in the VisualEditor Kartographer interface.

New ability to add caption (Phabricator Task 318815)[edit]

Before, users could only add captions to maps in wikitext, but not in VisualEditor. We have implemented the option to add a caption to maps with a simple text input field in Visual Editor. The input field accepts wikitext formatting.

Improve language input (Phabricator Task 318817)[edit]

Previously, if you wanted to change the language in which the map was displayed, you could use either the text input or the button. This could be confusing. To make the language input easier, we implemented a single drop-down list with a text input field to type the needed value directly (combo box).

New help texts available (Phabricator Task 318818)[edit]

Each option received its own help text to explain what it means. The help text appears in a pop-up when clicking on a small button next to the options title.

Hide frame around a map (Phabricator Task 318813)[edit]

Previously, users could only hide frames in wikitext by using the “frameless” attribute. We added a toggle to show/hide the frame for maps in VisualEditor. Turning off the frame causes the map to be drawn without a frame. This option is disabled if the map has a caption.


3 November 2022: deployed to all wikis


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