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Welcome to the Technical Wishes Project!
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Wikimedia Deutschland's Technical Wishes Project is an approach to identify and prioritize technical requirements from diverse users in a collaborative way. The Technical Wishes team aims to build new and improved features in MediaWiki.

If you want to learn more about our approach, how it all started and the way we work, read our white paper "Building tools for diverse users. Lessons learned from the Technical Wishes project" or this wiki page.

If you are interested in technical details, please visit the project on Phabricator.

Current projects


Making it easier to develop, find, and use templates.


How can the representation of geoinformation be improved?


Gendered categories
Show correctly gendered category names on biographical articles.

Book referencing
Making it easier to reference multiple sections from the same work in an article without naming the whole work for each reference.
Watchlist Expiry
This project is about an option to watch pages only a limited amount of time. The development is currently on hold.
Beta / partially shipped features
Finding a solution that prevents users from losing the reading position when checking out a reference.
Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface
The Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface aims to improve the current interface to resolve edit conflicts.
Shipped features
With the FileImporter, locally stored files can be moved to Wikimedia Commons including the correct version history.
The RevisionSlider adds a slider to the diff view, so that you easily can navigate between the revisions. As of May 17, 2017, RevisionSlider is a default feature on all wikis.
Show text changes in moved text paragraphs
This project is about making changes within paragraphs visible in the wikitext on the diff page.
Advanced Search
The Advanced Search extension is making hidden existing search options accessible for everyone.
Footnote Highlighting
If a footnote is referenced multiple times, highlight the link in the footnote section that brings you back to your original reading position.
A confirmation prompt that prevents users from accidentally clicking the rollback instead of the thank you link.
See more
Overview on the projects shipped in 2016 and 2017.