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The topic "Make reusing references easier" was chosen as the winner in the 2022 Technical Wishes survey on German Wikipedia. This means the Technical Wishes team will spend two years on this topic and address various issues within it. This page is for documentation of development progress and research. Comments and questions are welcome on the talk page!

What is this focus area about?[edit]

It is a lot of work to create and reuse references. This topic is about making that process easier. There will first be a research phase to identify the actual most urgent problems in this area. Some examples of what this might include:

  • Referencing different passages from the same work in an article is cumbersome and error-prone.
  • When editing a section that contains named references, the edit preview often generates an error message.
  • When importing an article from a Wikipedia in another language, one must completely recreate the supporting references.

Status and next steps[edit]

  • The topic was ranked #1 in the 2022 Technical Wishes survey. Out of 945 people, 468 selected the winning topic as one of their favorites and 180 of gave it their top priority. This means that 49.52% of all those who voted would like to see improvements in this area.
  • The Technical Wishes team will begin researching this focus shortly. An essential piece of the research is to find out where users experience difficulties in this area.
    • where & when do you experience the biggest problems?
    • what feels inconvenient and wears on your nerves?
    • where would you like to see things made easier or better?

Everyone is welcome to leave descriptions of their problems and workflows, as detailed as possible, here on the talk page.

If you are interested in participating in an UX research interview, you can sign up here for our interview pool.