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WMDE Technical Wishes/Shipped

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A project gets added to this page as soon as the respective feature is out of the beta feature status in at least one wiki. Nethertheless, all projects listed here will stay maintained or sometimes get further improved.

Shipped in 2017


Tables in PDFs


Wish #9 of the German-speaking Technical Wishes Survey was adding tables to PDFs. As a first step, the WMDE team added a notice about the omittal of PDFs to the article PDF download page. As an outcome of the wm2024:Hackathon the WMDE team came up with a proposal to allow tables in PDFs through a browser-based rendering service. The different tasks to fulfil the wish were shared between WMDE and WMF teams: The WMF Services team is providing and maintaining the Electron PDF render service. The WMDE team was writing the extension that provides access to that service. Further, the WMF Reading team took over the responsibility for the long term maintenance and planning of PDF rendering. As of February 2nd 2017, the extension is available on dewiki, meta and mediawiki.org. It is planned to provide the new service to all wikis later in 2017.

Shipped in 2016




Catwatch is a MediaWiki feature that allows users to view category membership changes in the recent changes and watchlists. Users can watch when a page was added or removed from a category. The feature is available on all Wikipedias and Wikimedia Commons since January 28, 2016. It is configured as "opt in" and can be enabled by default in the user preferences.

Notifications about mentions


Notification about successful and failed mentions are two new notification types built within the Echo/Notifications-system. "Successful mentions" is an option to receive notifications whenever a mention has been sent. "Failed mentions" is an option to receive notifications when a mention has not been sent. The latter only applies for some cases. It aims to help users to better understand how and when a notification does work or not. The two new notification types were deployed to Mediawiki.org and Meta on September 7. As of September 8, failed and successful notifications are available on all wikis. The options are configured as "opt in" an can be enabled by default in the user preferences.

RevisionSlider (show edit summaries in diff view, navigate through diff pages)


The RevisionSlider helps editors to view edit summaries and the version history on diff pages. The RevisionSlider fulfills wish #16 of the 2015 technical wishes survey. As of May 17, 2017, RevisionSlider is enabled for all users on all wikis.