WMSE-WMF joint initiative concerning GLAM communities of practice/Research

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Building increased capacity for content partnerships

This page shows the research that informs and inspires the WMSE-WMF joint initiative concerning GLAM communities of practice.

2019-20: Stakeholder consultations[edit]

2019-20: Research on current GLAM-Wiki activities[edit]

  • International GLAM Indicators Research
  • Regional Deep Dives

2019-20: Research on past GLAM-Wiki activities and technology[edit]

Dataset of past GLAM-Wiki collaborations[edit]

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T237989
  • November 2019 till March 2020
  • Contact: Satdeep Gill
  • In this research project, we create a structured dataset of past documented GLAM-Wiki collaborations in the Wikimedia movement. This data will help to understand the diversity as well as the needs of GLAM-Wiki collaborations. This data is currently spread across various sources such as the GLAM Newsletter, Grant reports, Affiliate reports, Meta-Wiki etc.

Mapping existing tools and functionalities used in GLAM-Wiki work[edit]

  • September-October 2019
  • Contact: André Costa, Sandra Fauconnier
  • A spreadsheet of the current volunteer-built tools that support content partnerships in some way, in order to help with decisionmaking around technical development in this area.

Relevant earlier research[edit]

GLAM contributor personas based on the Supporting Commons contribution by GLAM institutions research project in 2017.