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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos

#WPWP runs every July 1st to August 31st. Join the Campaign!

#WPWPIG (Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos in Igbo Community) is a competition aiming at adding pictures to Wikipedia articles between July 21st and August 21st, 2023. The primary aim of the WPWP Campaign is to promote the use of digital media files collected via various advocacy programs, photowalks, GLAM projects and contests including international photography contests organized by the community.

Wikimedia Commons has more than 62 millions multimedia files, which the majority are photographs. Right now, only a small portion of those are used to illustrate Wikipedia articles. Adding pictures to Wikipedia is a great way to contribute to the free encyclopedia, making the articles better for all readers.

How to participate


To take part in this campaign, you only need to add at least one picture to a Wikipedia article. When you do so, make sure to include the hashtag #WPWP and #WPWPIG in the edit summary. You can add the pictures to Igbo and English language versions of Wikipedia.

At the end of the international campaign, the people who have contributed the most will be eligible to win various cash prizes from the international team organizing the campaign.

Furthermore, Igbo Wikimedians User Group will give prizes to the 3 highest contributors who added the most photos with the hashtags #WPWP and #WPWPIG consolation prizes for the runner ups. There are also International prizes. Click Spadeex to learn more!



Here are a few suggestions of categories of images on Wikimedia Commons that could be added to Wikipedia articles:

Articles without images on Igbo Wikipedia

  • Click here to see 2782 articles without images on Igbo Wikipedia. These articles have images on Wikidata, so you can use the same images to illustrate them if you choose to, or add different corresponding images.

Help to find articles that don't have photos in your preferred language:

  1. Go to http://petscan.wmflabs.org.
  2. From Categories tab, you can select your language code (en for example).
  3. Select articles category in this language Wikipedia.
  4. Click on the "Page Property" tab, then select "Lead image=NO".
  5. Click on "Do it".

Other resources

  • CC Search (free-licensed images search engine from Creative Commons)

WPWP Tutorial


Wikimedia Igbo is available to help you to host such online activities. A programme of activities will be announced a few days before the beginning of the campaign.

WPWPIG Organizing Team



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